What are the simple ways to protect your Hotmail account from being hacked?

Hotmail is a celebrated email service among millions of internet users. It was launched in 1997. But in year 2012, Microsoft required the Hotmail and then it renamed as Outlook.com. Since its launch, Hotmail has gone through many changes in terms of its functioning and features. The one thing that rattles most of the users is account hacking. In a recent study, it has been revealed that around 10000 email account has been hacked. It does not mean it is not safe to use according to experts at Hotmail Help contact number USA. Here you can take some precautions so that your email account can be saved from being hacked.


The easy and simple ways to protect your account from being hacked;

  • The first and most important way to protect the account is to not have simple and single word password. You are suggested to create a strong password so that it can be hacked by the hackers. The password less than 11 characters are easy to hack. So make sure you create a password 11 characters long mixed with alphabets and numbers.
  • The password should be changed after a certain period of time. If someone is trying to hack your account, you can stop them by changing the password on a frequent basis.
  • Always use powerful antivirus software in your PC that helps to keep the virus away from your PC. Moreover, anti-virus quickly eliminates all existing viruses to the system, which ensure the safety of your account from the hackers.
  • It is highly recommended you not to log-in your Hotmail account in any internet café. The computers out there are most vulnerable. Once you log-in your Hotmail account in café, it is likely to hack your account. So, avoid logging-in your account in public internet café.

These are some tips and suggestions that help to keep your Hotmail account protected according to experts at Hotmail Help number USA. One of the leading tech support service providers that are providing online support for Hotmail account users is well-versed with Hotmail and possibilities of account being hacked by the nasty forces.

If you want experts at Hotmail Helpline number to help you in protecting your account, then you simply have to approach them by dialing Hotmail Help phone number USA. There are many PC users who are not techno-savvy and they are just seeking professional help in the event of the account being hacked. Hence, we suggest Hotmail users frankly reach out the online support anytime from anywhere.

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