Tips to enhance your Hotmail Account security

Hotmail is one of the important Email services which are developed by Microsoft. But, often it is inevitable and users must prepare to their account for better security. It is not easy for the users to know about the security tips, so users can take assistance from professionals at Hotmail Customer Service Helpline Number. Well, its first priority to the user for their email accounts to make secure & safe from hackers, and other online activities.


Tips to boost your Hotmail account security:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Being an Email user, you must need setting a strong, secure and unique password for their Hotmail account. You can use numbers, upper case, lower case, special characters, and more alphabets to create a lengthy password. A lengthy password will secure enough that no can other than you remember it.

  • Add a secondary Email Address
  • The user should update their secondary Email in the Hotmail account to make it possible to get a password reset information and recovery code. Also, you can get in touch with the team at Hotmail Email Support just by dialing Hotmail Customer Service Helpline Number .

  • Take care of phishing scams
  • The users need not provide their personal details, whenever they deal with a specific company because by pressing on the wrong link or reply to the other website or email, the information will be sent to the cybercrime behind the email scam, who will utilize that data to hijack the victims’ accounts.

  • Update Security Question
  • The users should update their security questions with answers timely, to become more difficult for hackers to find the answers to access the account. Sometimes, hackers find your Hotmail account security questions and after that, they access your account. Thus, users must need to change or update the security question to build account accessible.

  • Avoid using Public WiFi
  • Whenever the users find free WiFi, they don’t need to use them. There might be chances of hackers sitting nearby you for doing some wrong activity. The users should avoid accessing the email or transacting money with credit card when using public WiFi.

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