How do I access my old Hotmail account?

With the advancement in technology, there is a direct need for people to change the method they are doing things. This is seen in the communication sector where the email has made it simple for exchange of electronically written information. This has created a requirement for having an email address and many people would rather use Hotmail for their emails.

You can access your old Hotmail account to new account. It includes 2 things one is upgrading the web interface only and another thing is renaming Hotmail account to


You can update the web interface by surfing and log in using your Hotmail account credentials. It will upgrade your interface. If you want to rename your account, then you need to follow these below-mentioned steps to rename your account. Also, you can connect with the technicians at Hotmail Support Phone Number.

Steps to access your old Hotmail account are:

  • Sign in into your account using
  • Next, choose "More Mail Setting" in Option column
  • After this under the ", managing your account, option tap on "Create an Outlook account"
  • It will open a page where you have to enter the desired email name in the "Email Address" and then select on "Create an account" option.
  • You will be asked for a confirmation where you want to get the new emails in your inbox.

After following these steps, your account will be upgraded instantly. If you find any type of difficulty in these steps then call us on Hotmail Helpline contact number USA for assistance. They will offer assistance via live chat or remote support to upgrade your account. Call us on the toll-free number anytime to get the best support from the technical team. The experts are available round the clock to deal with the issues.

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